"NIWS' new Online Training program allowed us to train our employees located in our multiple locations without having to send them offsite. We saved travel costs and reduced the amount of time the employees were away from the office - saving a tremendous amount of money!"


Risk Management Services

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NIWS Helps You Contain Costs and Increase Profitability

Maintaining your work environment free from safety and health hazards is a demanding challenge. NIWS brings you a team of experts dedicated to providing the professional support you need to:

  • Provide your HR department with loss control cost management tools
  • Reduce workplace injuries and the cost of occupational injuries and illnesses
  • Create a safe and healthy workplace for your employees and the community
  • Get the lowest rates for worker's compensation working with your insurance company
  • Reduce or eliminate fines and penalties resulting from compliance inspections by government agencies
  • Reduce your liability from employee lawsuits
  • Peace of mind knowing NIWS stands with you if your company is audited by OSHA

Affordable and Manageable Corporate Loss Control

You can effectively and affordably manage your corporate loss control efforts when you turn to the right place for help. NIWS pinpoints trouble-prone areas to help you reduce your workman's compensation expense and shield your safety record from unintentional, yet expensive, costs associated with workplace injuries.

NIWS Risk Management Services include assistance with regulatory compliance, loss control and workplace safety programs and training. Our safety training tools for Human Resource Professionals will provide your company with the programs you need to implement an effective loss control program that will decrease injury claims and increase your company's bottom line.