"NIWS' new Online Training program allowed us to train our employees located in our multiple locations without having to send them offsite. We saved travel costs and reduced the amount of time the employees were away from the office - saving a tremendous amount of money!"


NIWS Online Safety Training Programs

Cost Management Tools for Human Resource Professionals

Workplace safety begins with a company's human resource policies and practices. Everyone in the organization should be required to behave in a manner that promotes safety and follows the rules to ensure a safe environment. Establishing and enforcing these policies is an important step in developing a safety-conscious workplace.

NIWS works with HR professionals to create corporate safety training programs that will result in fewer workplace accidents and injuries, reducing claims and workers compensation insurance premiums. Our programs are designed to help human resource managers overcome the lack of inconsistency in employee safety training by identifying which employees need to be trained, which courses should be administered based on job function and exposure, and how to maintain the proper training schedule to maximize cost savings from reduced insurance costs.

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